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    Chamber music composed since 2000                                                                Discography     

                         contact me for scores

The Reeded Cottage, 1905 (Knipton,Leicestershire)                                                       Six Compositions (CD Baby, 2017)                 

              solo for microtonal keyboard                           2019-2020                               Chamber Music (Centaur Records, 2012)

Four Pieces for Guitar Quartet                                                       

             guitar quartet                                                       2018

Steal Softly Through Sunshine              

            oboe, violin, cello                                                 2018

Cooking School                                      

            Pierrot ensemble w/percussion                         2018

Two Movements for Mixed Sextet (Radio Free Los Angeles)        

           Pierrot ensemble w/percussion                         2015/2017

Time Garden II                                      

            flute and piano                                                     2017

Five Pieces for Flute and Guitar           

           flute and guitar                                                     2016

The Invisible River                                

           saxophone and piano                                          2016

Sete Letras                               

     mezzo-soprano, guitar, mandolin, arpeggione    2015

        text by Dom António de Bragança (1895-1964)

Four Pieces (for Twenty Strings)        

            guitar, mandolin, arpeggione                           2014

Gong Spa                                               

          hanging gongs                                                      2013

    Central Javanese gamelan gong ageng, kempul, suwuk)


          string trio                                                              2012

Time Garden/Afternoon Polyphonies   

          oboe, viola, piano                                                2011

The Informal Sector   

         concerto for two trombones & gamelan           2010

Five Scenes from the Life of Edward de Vere                                                                         

         mandolin, arpegione, and one player on

        oboe, oboe d'amore, and English horn              2010

Trio for Oboe, Clarinet, and Piano                            2008

Familiar Songs of the West                   

        mandolin and guitar                                             2007

Rua Bambuí                                           

        solo guitar                                                              2006

Letters from Brazil                                 

        soprano saxophone and guitar                           2007

Astral Burlesque                                    

        chamber orchestra                                                2005

Aubades, Diurnes, and Nocturnes        

        guitar duet                                                             2003


        flute quartet                                                           2001

Scenarios for Five  

         for mixed quintet                                                 2001

October 13 039.JPG

Ina Veli (vl), Armen Ksajikian (vc) & Alma Fernandez (vla) recording Triptych for string trio at Scott Fraser's Architcture Studio, Los Angeles.

Scott Fraser has provided excellent artistic and technical support in recording many of my composition and improvisation projects.

Grasse Chamber Musicr.jpeg
Grasse Chamber Music w.jpeg

Review of Chamber Music (Centaur Records, 2012):

"Highly variable works for a fairly wide range of instruments and combinations. “Impossible Miniatures” are works described as digital soundscapes using the berimbau (African-Brazilian bow) and caxixi shaker. Tracks 1-14 are very lyrical. Tracks 15-24, electronic and abstract."  Laima, of new music radio program/ WRUV

Flutations, part 1

Flutations, part 2


Flutations, part 3

I engineered and mixed the studio recording of Flutations at UCLA's electronic music studio. 

Made possible by an American Composers Forum grant.


The UCLA Percussion Ensemble Conducted by Mitchell Peters

inside the windmill.jpeg
Inside the Windmill, excerpt.mp3Mitchell Peters conducts
00:00 / 00:44

The first gestures of movement III, "Inside the Windmill," from The Celestina Fragments.

The recording is of Mitchell Peters conducting the UCLA Percussion Ensemble

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