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Final page from Pawnee Rock Ordines,

a 1989 work for gamelan composed for

Daniel Schmidt's Berkeley Gamelan

Gong Spa 1.jpeg

Sketch score of Gong Spa (2013), for two percussionists. 

The recording features David Martinelli & myself, and made use of Venerable Dark Cloud, the nineteenth-century Central Javanese gamelan housed at UCLA (background photo).

Gong Spa excerpt.mp3

Map score for Pixilation (1994-95), composed for

Undang Sumarna's Western Javanese gamelan at UC Santa Cruz

Pixilation, part 1
00:00 / 02:30
Pixilation, part 2
00:00 / 02:42

This May, 1995 performance of Pixilation at UC Santa Cruz features

master Sundanese musician Pak Undang Sumarna on kendang and marimbula

Entroncamento, part 1
Entroncamento, part 2

This 1988 performance of Entroncamento (Encruzilhada)

was recorded in concert at La Peña Culural Center, Berkeley.

The concert featured the Berkeley gamelan and Bay Area New Gamelan

Matahari terbenam

Matahari terbenam/Sunset (2002), 

for Balinese gamelan, is dedicated

to master musician, dancer, &

teacher Pak Nyoman Wenten

(Alesis QS6 synthesizer realization

in equal temperament) 

Bill Alves.jpg

Composer, author Bill Alves preparing his Harvey Mudd College Gamelan for a 2010 concert in Claremont, CA that featured a performance of The Informal Sector, a five movement concerto for two trombones and Just Intonation gamelan. The trombonists were Douglas Wadle and Matthew Barbier 


The Informal Sector was recorded by John Schneider live in during a Microfest concert at the Claremont Presbyterian Church 

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