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A rare "cake guitar" constructed & baked for my birthday by my niece Pamela, a real luthier-of-the-kitchen

Guitar scrapbook


Aubades, Diurnes, and Nocturnes I-IX (2003) is a set of nine pieces presented as three cycles of music for morning (aubade), daytime (diurne), and evening (nocturne).  Some of these duets are dedicated to the memory of my maternal grandmother, Elsie Bloom. She was born in Pawnee Rock, Kansas in 1899, and died in 2003: her life thus spanned three centuries. While the set was being composed, the American composer Lou Harrison also passed away.  The second cycle came to be dedicated to his memory.

The recording is that of a live concert at UCLA's  Jan Popper Theater

(recording by Jeff Richmond)

E and Y program Aubades.jpeg
guitar hat.jpg

A Summer Bagatelle (2001)

4 b.gif

Recorded in the UCLA Organ Studio in February, 2002 by Jeff Richmond

Rua Bambui, I-III is a set of three pieces for solo guitar composed for Peter Yates in 2006


Four Pieces for Guitar Quartet (2018)

IV. "Tão longe de casa"  (So Far from Home) excerpt

Pages from Four Pieces for Guitar Quarte

UCLA Guitar Ensemble performing octet versions of movements I-III of Four Piece for Guitar Quartet, spring 2019

The first page of my electric guitar quintet Little Oceans (1984-85). Phase music in the age of minimalism, this piece was premiered on my undergraduate composition recital in the spring of 1985. It was programmed the following year, on the Festival of New American Music held at CSU Sacramento.

Little Oceans.jpg
little oceans x.jpeg

 Little Oceans being performed at CSU Sacramento's 

Festival of New American Music, November 13, 1985 

L-R: Rich Alexander, Ronald Alexander, Eric Kjorlien, Ken Belleci, Jonathon Grasse

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